Welcome to Nelle’s Makeup Artistry, where I use the medium of makeup to enhance the unique God-given features of each client, therefore helping her true beauty to bloom from within.

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My Story…

Hello! My full name is Janelle, and I am an onsite Special Event Makeup Artist. My business name is Nelle (pronounced Nell, not Nelly), which is a nickname I received on the soccer field in junior high. As an artist, I make it my goal for every client to feel uniquely cared for while seated in my chair. I aim to enhance her natural God-given beauty and never to cover it up. If you would have told my teenage self that I’d be currently pursuing this career path, well, that would have been a far-fetched dream in my book.

So why makeup artistry?

Like most who graduate from high school, I thought the next path must be college. After much struggle to decide on a major, I decided to pursue a dual major in Early Childhood and Special Education due to my love for children. After a grueling five years, I finally graduated from Millersville University in December 2016 (hallelujah!) with a major in Multidisciplinary Studies in Education. Long story as to why I changed my major, but to keep things concise…I graduated with no desire to step my toes back into a classroom for quite some time, if ever. Although I graduated, I still lacked direction of what I wanted to do, with a load of college debt on my shoulders, my worst fear had come true.

Back to the main question: Why makeup artistry?

Just a few years ago, near the end of my college years, my best friend was getting married. One of her bridesmaids was stressing out, as it seemed the makeup artist was running out of time to do her makeup. Feeling I had enough skill in applying my own makeup fairly well, I offered to do hers. She ended up loving it! Soon after, her sister was getting married and asked if I would do the makeup for her bridal party. Although I was far from a professional, I accepted in nervous anticipation.

I guess you could say that was the very beginning of my business. Once I graduated college, with not much sense of direction, I realized that being involved in the happiest event of people’s lives through applying makeup had always brought me a joy that I hadn’t found elsewhere. I remember having an excitement that maybe I could be successful at this makeup artistry thing, and so I began by creating a business card. I then watched video after video of makeup tutorials on YouTube, researched various makeup brands and application techniques, and practiced and practiced applying makeup on friends and family. At the beginning of my career, I did makeup for weddings of friends and family, but now just a few years later, I am thrilled to be meeting new clients all the time.

Do I love what I do now? ABSOLUTELY. Every moment, even all the prep and travel. It’s been amazing meeting new clients and other vendors through this business, as well as seeing different venues. I seek to always be learning and growing—from my own experiences, from other makeup artists who’ve been in the business longer than myself, and from online course and local workshops. No matter how successful I may become in this business, or whoever’s work I may be tempted to compare myself to, I strive to live every day by the motto:

Always stay humble and kind.


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I would recommend Janelle to anyone! Doing a wedding, modeling, engagement, portrait shoot, etc. She is your gal! I experienced her makeover and facial. She’s natural BUT will add a bold lash or lip if you’re crazy like me.”


Janelle did my makeup for my brothers wedding and she did such an amazing job! There was a slight rush due to timing but Janelle kept telling me everything was okay and helped me stay calm! I love that she went for a more natural look but still made my eyes pop. Janelle does amazing work, if you work with her you will not be disappointed!!!”