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where your unique God-given features are enhanced to mirror your inner beauty, leaving you feeling authentically you.

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“ True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.”


the hand behind the brush…

Welcome! I’m Janelle, or Nelle for short. I am a mobile freelance makeup artist serving Lancaster, Pennsylvania and beyond. My specialty is in creating an elegant timeless look that allows your natural beauty to shine brightest on your special day. When you choose me as your makeup artist for your occasion (as I hope you do!), I want you to know that you are choosing:

an artist and friend who sees

your intrinsic beauty. I pay careful attention to use makeup in a way that softly illumines your existing features, causing your true beauty to shine forth. When I hand you the mirror, I want you to feel the best version of yourself, rather than a completely different person. Plus, your spouse-to-be should recognize the breathtaking woman walking down the aisle, because it was you he fell in love with.

an artist and friend who is passionate

about her craft. Sure, like anyone there are days I get overwhelmed and want to pull my hair out–dare I say tax season. I’m human! Yet, at the completion of each year, I look back at all the amazing people I’ve had the privilege of meeting–and beautifying–and thank the good Lord above for blessing me with a job I love and joy in my heart.

an artist and friend who listens

to your unique vision. I want to hear it all, because your vision excites me! While I will offer my professional opinion, I will always lend a careful ear to yours. If you are unsure of the direction you want to take for your makeup look–that’s okay! I will ask the necessary questions to help you discover your dream look. At the end of your makeup application, I will ask you to share with complete honesty your likes and/or dislikes of the finished look. You can’t offend me, I promise! I will then make the changes we’ve discussed, if any, until we accomplish the look you had envisioned, or perhaps even better! Your satisfaction is my highest priority–guaranteed.

an artist and friend who is reliable

Let’s be honest. Wedding planning causes all the emotions to surface–even ones we hadn’t known were present in us. Wedding planning during a global pandemic?–now, you deserve a massage each month for the rest of your life for taking that on! I promise I won’t judge if I notice a few gray hairs during your makeup application. As a fellow friend who has walked this same path before you, minus a global pandemic, I hope to offer you the peace of mind that I will do everything I can on my end to eliminate all unnecessary stressors on yours.

an artist and friend who values your safety

Mask or no mask? There are loads of opinions regarding Covid-19. Yet, even before this nasty virus influenced our way of living, the safety of those seated in my chair, as well as their loved ones, has alway been of utmost importance to me. I pride myself in offering an experience that is not only relational, but also professional and clean. I take every precaution, even if it has meant hours of research, to be certain your safety is never compromised. This includes:

  • preparing to wear a mask,
  • communicating openly and honestly in the event that I have Covid-19, or someone I have been exposed to has Covid-19, or any other illness alike,
  • washing my hands thoroughly before and after each makeup application, and/or using wipes and hand sanitizer, providing a nearby sink is unavailable,
  • wiping down and disinfecting the makeup station prior to beginning applications,
  • asking about any known allergens or product sensitivities before beginning applications,
  • storing all products, tools, and equipment on the makeup station in nonporous packaging only,
  • storing all luggage and bags made of porous materials away from the makeup station,
  • refusing to double dip into products during applications,
  • using disposable sponges and applicators (mascara and lip wands, cotton rounds, Q-tips, etc.) during applications,
  • using a new, clean set of brushes for each client,
  • disposing of all trash and sanitizing the makeup station before beginning the next application,
  • and cleaning and disinfecting the contents of my kit (makeup, tools, chair and equipment) before and after every event.

an artist and friend who is always striving

to expand her knowledge and skills. While art is best learned through hands-on practice, I further invest my time in researching products and application techniques, gathering knowledge from like-minded professionals in this industry, and accepting opportunities that challenge me, inspire me, and push me to refine my craft. You can rest assured I won’t be settling for mediocrity here!

I want to leave you with a song lyric that has simply become a daily inspiration for this business of mine:

When the dreams you’re dreamin’ come to you

When the work you put in is realized

Let yourself feel the pride

But always stay humble and kind

Tim McGraw

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