I pride myself in creating experiences that are not only relaxed and relational, but also positive every time.

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Makeup for Weddings

Includes Bride, Bridal Party, Mothers, Grandmothers, Junior Bridesmaids, Flower Girls…

Makeup for Special Occasions

Includes Prom, Engagements, Birthdays, Wedding Guest, Anniversaries…

Makeup for Portraits

Includes Boudoir, Headshots, Senior Photos…

Makeup for Collaborative Styled Shoots

Are you a fellow creative with an idea itching to bring it to fruition? Are you searching for the right makeup artist for your shoot? I’d love to hear from you!


Q: Where are you located?
A: I am based in Lancaster, PA, just a few minutes from Millersville University. Although Lancaster County is my main area of service, I will also travel beyond Lancaster.

Q: How long have you been in the makeup artistry business?
Since the summer of 2017.

Q: Why did you choose this career?
A: That is a long story, but in short, a little seed was planted during my friend’s wedding about 5 years ago. While I studied education in college and do have a passion for helping children, I personally experienced a lot of stress and anxiety in that path. Although owning a business isn’t completely free of stress, I found that using my creativity is my form of therapy, and helping others feel beautiful resulted in a joy that I hadn’t found elsewhere.

Q: How did you learn?
Practice, practice, practice. I’ve had the privilege of shadowing other makeup artists in this industry and learning through observation and working alongside them. I’ve also spent numerous hours watching video tutorials, researching products and techniques, following other professional artists online, and taking online courses to expand my knowledge of techniques, products and safety protocols. The learning truly never ends–which I love!

Q: Do you do hair as well?
A: No. I never had the knack for styling my own hair, so I never explored doing others. Plus, I prefer having a single focus on my clients’ wedding day. However, I work with hairstylists at every wedding and am happy to refer them to you.

Q: How do you describe your style?
I would describe my overall style as “creating soft glam looks that are natural, romantic, and timeless.” I strive to enhance the existing beauty that is already within each woman. Key word there is enhance. I never desire to cake on makeup or alter her natural features. If my client desires a full-coverage foundation, an extra smoky eye look, or some added glitz and glitter, that doesn’t scare me–but I won’t go overboard. Skin should look like skin. You should look like you–just at your very best.

Q: Do you have a favorite type of look to create?
A: Although I love a soft smoky eye with a nude lip, I especially enjoy creating looks with vintage or bohemian influence.

Q: Do you offer airbrush?
A: I offer traditional makeup, as well as airbrush makeup application–at an additional cost. If you have no clue the differences between the two, or are unsure which route to choose, that’s okay! We can talk about which may be the best option for you.

Q: Do you travel on location?
A: The majority of my work is bridal, so for bridal services, I do travel on-location (travel fees may apply). I also travel on-location for styled shoots. For non-bridal clients, I prefer to provide services in my home studio in Lancaster. With that said, I do make exceptions if necessary.

Q: Do you offer trials?
A: Yes, and I actually require one for my brides. It is our chance to get acquainted with one another and is a crucial step toward perfecting your makeup look for your big day.